Principal Investigator

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Dr. Peter N. Adams

Associate Professor of Geology
email: / (website)
Hometown: Buckingham, Pennsylvania
BS Chemical Engineering, Penn State, 1996
BS Geosciences, Penn State, 1996
MS Geosciences, Penn State, 1999
PhD Earth Sciences, University of California – Santa Cruz, 2004
Research Interests: Quantitative geomorphology, coastal processes, real-time instrumentation and modeling of surface processes.

Current Personnel


Juan F. Paniagua Arroyave (PhD, 2013-present)

PhD Student
Hometown: Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
BEng Civil Engineering, Universidad EAFIT (Colombia), 2009
MS Earth Sciences, Universidad EAFIT (Colombia), 2013
Research Interests: Wave and current interactions with irregular inner-shelf bathymetry, Decadal evolution of tropical and tectonic active coasts.

Hailey Johnson (PhD, 2016-present)

PhD Student
Hometown: Durham, North Carolina
BA Earth and Ocean Sciences, 
Duke University (2015)
BS Computer Science, Duke University (2015)
Research Interests: Numerical modeling of coastal evolution

Han Byul “Aiden” Woo (PhD, 2016-present)

PhD Student
Hometown: South Korea
BS Geosciences, SUNY – Stony Brook (2013)
MS Geological Sciences, University of Florida (2016)
Research Interests: Numerical modeling of flexural uplift and influence on surface processes

Matt Conlin (PhD, 2017-present)

PhD Student
Hometown: Groton, Massachusetts
BS Earth Sciences-Ocean Sciences, Oregon State University (2017)
Research Interests: Long-term coastal morphological evolution, remote sensing of coastal morphology, morphological data collection techniques

Brian Kelly (BS, 2017-present)

Undergraduate Researcher (Honors Thesis)
Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida
Project Title:
Sinuosity Analysis of Tidal Creeks in the Suwannee River Deltaic Complex

Lab Alumni – Post Docs

Version 2

Patrick Limber (Post-Doc, 2012-2014)

Post Doctoral Research Project:Numerical Modeling of Sandy Coast Geomorphic Behavior Resulting From Wave Climate Change”
Current Position: Mendenhall Post-doctoral Scholar with U.S. Geological Survey, Pacific Science Center, Santa Cruz, CA.

Lab Alumni – Graduate Students


Christian J. Provancha (MS, 2014-2016)

Thesis defense Jun. 17, 2016, M.S. conferred Aug. 2016,
Thesis Title: “Linking Latitudinal Variability of Western Atlantic Wave Climate to the North Atlantic Oscillation”
Current Position: Project Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers – New York District Operations Division, New York, NY

Version 2

Kathleen Wilson (MS, 2013-2014)

Thesis defense Jun. 20, 2014, M.S. conferred Aug. 2014,
Thesis Title: Probabilistic Forecasting of Coastal Morphodynamic Storm Response at Fire Island, New York”.
Current Position: Research Geologist, U. S. Geological Survey, St. Petersburg, Florida

 Version 2

Shaun Kline (PhD, 2009-2013)

Advanced to candidacy Mar. 25, 2011, Thesis defense May 24, 2013, Ph.D. conferred Aug. 2013,
Dissertation Title: “Influence of Wave Energy Dissipation on the Geomorphic Behavior of Rocky and Sandy Coasts”.
Current Position: Coastal Engineer, Environmental Services Group (ESG), Enercon Services, Inc. (ENERCON), Murrysville, Pennsylvania.

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Jessica Lovering (PhD, 2009-2013)

Advanced to candidacy Jan. 14, 2011, Thesis defense Mar. 15, 2013, Ph.D. conferred Apr. 2013,
Dissertation Title: The Role of Marsh Platform Morphology in the Geomorphic Response of Tidal Inlet Systems to Sea Level Rise”.
Current Position: Physical Scientist, Oceanographic Department (NP3), Ocean Prediction Division (NP31), Coastal Forecasting Branch (NP313), Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVOCEANO), Stennis Space Center, Mississippi.

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Richard MacKenzie III (PhD, 2007-2012)

(Co-advised by Dr. John Jaeger), Advanced to candidacy Sept. 29, 2009, Thesis defense Jul. 18, 2012, Ph.D. conferred Aug. 2012,
Dissertation Title: “Establishing Uncertainties Associated With Visual Based And Datum Based Shoreline Proxies On A Wave Dominated Sandy Coast: Cape Canaveral, Florida”,
Current Position: Senior Petroleum Geologist with Operations Geology Core Group, Exxon Mobil Corporation, Houston, Texas.

IMG_7290.JPG – Version 2

Katherine Malone (MS, 2008-2011)

Thesis defense Mar. 1, 2011, M.S. conferred May 2011,
Thesis Title:Seasonal and Spatial Variability of Beach Morphodynamics at an Autonomous Tidal Inlet: Matanzas Inlet, Florida Atlantic Coast”,
Current Position: Geologist with ARCADIS Environmental Services, Washington, D.C.

Lab Alumni – Undergraduate Students

Collin Brandt (BS, 2016-2017)

Undergraduate Researcher (Honors Thesis)
Honors Thesis Title: “Spatial And Temporal Evolution Of Beach Cusp Formations At Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida”
Current Status: Chicago, Illinois.


Schuyler Smith (BS, 2015-2016)

Undergraduate Researcher (Honors Thesis)
Honors Thesis Title: “Vegetation and Wet-Dry Line Analysis of Decadal Shoreline Evolution at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida”
Current Status: Graduate student in at Univ. of California Santa Cruz in Earth Sciences.

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Conner Cash (BS, 2015)

Project Title: “Downscaled Laboratory Observations of EbbTidal Delta Formation”
Current Status: Employed with United States Navy.

Version 2

Michael Waechter (BS, 2013-2014)

Project Title: “Marsh Channel Sinuosity within the Lower Suwannee River Distributary Complex”
Current Status: Currently employed as a Geologist at Gustavson Associates, LLC, Denver, CO

Version 3

Kyle Sexton (BS, 2012-2014)

Project Title: “RTK-GPS Field Studies at NASA-Kennedy Space Center”
Current Status:
 Employed as a Staff Geophysicist at United Consulting in Atlanta, GA (2014-2017). Currently employed as Geologist Level 2, Environmental Remediation Group, CH2M, Atlanta, GA.

Version 2

Susan West (BS, 2010-2011)

BS Thesis Title: “Principal Component Analysis of Beach Profiles at Matanzas Inlet, Florida”
Current Status: Currently employed as GeoSolutions Geophysicist with Schlumberger in Houston, TX.

IMG_7290.JPG – Version 3

Luke Gommermann (BS, 2007-2008)

* University Scholar
Honors Thesis Title:
  “Interannual Climatic Oscillations and Wave Climate: Correlations Along the Florida Atlantic Coast”
Current Status: Employed as a seasonal Park Ranger with the National Park Service in Ochopee, Florida and Moab, Utah.